Enhanced Reliability and Resiliency

Aurora’s water comes primarily from surface water from three river basins — the South Platte (50%), the Colorado (25%) and the Arkansas (25%). The water from the Colorado and Arkansas River basins are transported into the South Platte by the Otero pipeline. Like many cities, Aurora’s water infrastructure is aging and susceptible to repairs and outages. Climate change has created prolonged periods of droughts, flooding and increased the incidence of wildfires. Wild Horse would allow Aurora to continue to draw and store water through the Otero pipeline, enhancing the water system’s reliability and resiliency during inevitable emergencies. Another bucket to store water gives Aurora more flexibility in managing these critical water rights.

Aurora Water Supply Map
Two girls drinking water

Meeting Future Demand through Potable Reuse

Aurora’s potable reuse system is a critical way the city will meet future water demands. As the city grows, water delivered through the reuse system will expand. Wild Horse Reservoir would substantially enhance the City’s ability to operate its water reuse systems consistently and improve overall system efficiency and flexibility. Wild Horse would provide additional storage to help the city manage the water it needs to expand its water reuse system.